Available on: Semantica

A welcome return for Texas’s Gerard Hanson, a producer best known for his work as Convextion. While the Convextion project is geared towards techno, E.R.P. is Hanson’s outlet for electro, a grievously honed strain that nods to Detroit’s Juan Atkins, Aux88 and Drexciya, but also Amsterdam’s Terrace.

Released on transparent 10″ and limited to 100 copies, Evoked Potentials Pt. 1 is comprised of two stunning tracks, ‘Sensory Process’ and ‘Lodestone’. The A-side is driven by a buzzing, floor-friendly bassline and a veritable orchestra of air-thickening, square-wave synths; electronic noir doesn’t get any better than this. ‘Lodestone’ will appeal to fans of modern-day Dutch electro heavyweights like Legowelt and Luke Eargoggle, being a post-Kraftwerkian cruise down the rain-swept Autobahn of the mind.

Electro has to be one of the hardest genres to make fresh and exciting, but E.R.P. manages it with ease. In his hands, it still sounds like the future.

Tony Essler



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