Animal Collective have announced plans to reissue their 2003 album Campfire Songs via their own Paw Tracks label.

Campfire Songs, originally released on Catsup Plate, is made up of five songs recorded back-to-back and in one take. The recording took place on a screen porch in Maryland, using three minidisc recorders and Sony ECM-MS907 microphones; field recordings of local ambience were added latter. It was mixed at Avey Tare’s apartment and mastered by Nicolas Vernhes at his Rare Book Room studio. At this time Animal Collective was a three-piece comprising Panda Bear, Deakin and Avey Tare, though future member Geologist was present for recording. 

Interestingly, at this stage the band weren’t yet Animal Collective by name: Campfire Songs was intended to be the name of the band performing, as well as the name of the album itself. However, booklets in later copies of the CD do credit the music to Animal Collective.

The re-issue of the album – which has been out of print since 2008 – is due on January 26, 2010. To the best of our knowledge it will be a CD-only affair, and there will be no bonus tracks or other material. It’s an interesting glimpse of a great-band-to-be in their formative years, but anyone expecting an ecstatic 21st century Beach Boys affair a la Merriweather Post Pavilion will likely be disappointed.


1. Queen in My Pictures

2. Doggy

3. Two Corvettes

4. Moo Rah Rah Rain

5. De Soto de Son



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