Jump-up drum ‘n’ bass pioneer DJ Zinc – he’s the man behind UK anthem ‘Super Sharp Shooter’ – has been pushing a new brand of music for a while in his studio mixes and radio shows. He calls it Crack House.

This week, Crack House goes on record: Zinc is preparing to release the Crack House EP, which sports ten new Zinc productions (so it’s basically an album), on his Bingo Beats label. Benga, Sweetie Irie and No Lay pop up at various points, and there’s also a house tempo edit of Zinc’s seminal grimey garage track, ‘138 Trek’ (re-christened ‘128 Trek’). Says Zinc of the record:

"I’ve always enjoyed house music but coming from a jungle background, I struggled to find house which had the raw energy which I crave…I took a year out from drum & bass DJ bookings to work on producing the type of house that I wanted to hear. It was a risk, but throughout my career my most successful tunes have come from producing what I enjoy rather than making something to fit squarely into a scene or a particular DJ’s record box. So that’s what I’m doing with this, I’m having fun and making exactly what I want to hear on the dancefloor."

Crack House tracklisting can be found over the page ; we’d especially recommend ‘Killa Sound’, featuring typically fierce vocals from No Lay of grime collective Unorthodox Crew (audio of which can also be found overleaf). You can catch Zinc on Rinse FM monthly.



01.  Blunt Edge02. Pimp My Ride (prod. w/ Benga)03. Jekyll n Hyde04. Number 1 Girls (feat Sweetie Irie)05. Watch Dis06. Nu Sound07. Horrible08. Because09. Killa Sound (feat No Lay)10. 128 Trek



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