The internet – or at least that section of it occupied by excitable white teenagers – is currently aflutter with news that world-conquering symphonic-pop bros Animal Collective have a new release on the way.

The excitement is centered- believe it or not – around an Amazon listing. Nothing is known about the release save for what’s on the listing: i.e. that it’s called Fall Be Kind, is priced at an EP-ish $11.38, and will be available courtesy of Domino on December 8. It’s not much, is it? More info when we have it. 


Speaking to AC-fetishists Pitchfork, the band’s Avey Tare revealed that Fall Be Kind is a five-track EP that’s "darker" than Merriweather Post Pavilion.

"It’s like 28 minutes long, five songs," says Avey, real name Dave Portner. "The title is kind of a play on ‘fall behind’, when you move the clocks back. Everything seems to be very seasonal or weather-oriented for us this year. I wanted to keep it a little bit in line with that. It felt like Merriweather Post Pavilion was really springy or summery. We always try and push for our releases to come out at a specific time. It didn’t really happen with Merriweather, unfortunately, but that’s because we just really wanted to get that one out quickly. But with this one, we were hoping it would come out in the fall, so Fall Be Kind. I think digitally it’s probably going to come out in the middle of November, with a pre-order kind of thing for vinyl or CD for the beginning of December."

Click here to read the full, fairly in-depth interview, in which Portner talks about the EP’s conception amid hectic touring, and also touches on the film the band are working on with Danny Perez.



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