Detroit techno visionary Derrick May has revealed plans to re-launch his seminal Transmat label. In an interview with Bodytonic, May talks about his plans for the revived imprint, and credits Carl Craig and his legendary work ethic as the inspiration behind this about-turn.

May will be enlisting the help of his original label manager and designer to work on Transmat mk.2. He also suggested thatthe return of Transmat might herald his own return to music-making:

"You know what? It’s interesting – the fire never went away. I put the fire to the side. I felt more compelled to do other things: to help artists, to get involved with artists, cultural things. I just had energy to other things. I made music that is today becoming contemporary.

“The first thing I am going to do is pull up a couple of old releases no-one has ever heard, and I’m going to release those. And then I’m going to see what people’s reactions are to those, and then I will go from there. Because if I get anything, it will be based on releases that never came out, so I will pick up from where I left off.”

May talked also about the kind of artists who he he’ll be looking to sign and promote on the re-formed Transmat:

“First and foremost, I’ll be going for the unsung heroes. There’s about five or six guys who should be leading the scene – Arne Weinberg is one of them. Greg Gow is another. And there’s three or four others that I’m going to work with that I think will be prolific. And I will always pay attention to the little guy. People think that because downloads are available now, people get exposure. No. Not true. Too many downloads, over exposure, people aren’t hearing anything.

“At the moment, I’m trying to get back in touch with my Detroit brothers, to see what’s going on with them. Because outside of Omar S and Theo (Parrish) and Kenny Dixon, and a couple of young guys, the scene in the city is fragmented. But people need to know that somebody cares.”

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