Available on: Berkane Sol 12″

Nottingham steppa Geiom’s Berkane Sol label has been getting gradually housier over the past year – indeed, Geiom’s mix that he contributed to FACT featured Carl Craig, Ben Klock, Kerri Chandler and more, and in his accompanying interview he commented that “the heavy end of dubstep is not as inspiring to me as it once was”, claiming that “Black Sabbath were much funkier than some of today’s wobblas.”

Well ‘Von Glooperstein’, fellow Notts resident the Hizatron’s first 12″ for the label is straight minimal house: it kicks off with the sort of eerie chimes you’d expect from a Lucio Aquilina or Dial single, before morphing into gloopy haunted house techno that sounds like a body slowly dismantling – spiraling around and wigging out over its own intestinal tract. 7am after-party music at its best.

Geiom takes the B-side with the more than adequate ‘Bubbles’, a click-heavy ominous that’s more along the straight and narrow than ‘Von Glooperstein’s haunted maze-step, but no less sonically interesting.

Tam Gunn



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