Available on: AMUS 12″

Dave Huismans’ new 2562 album Unbalance has justly received a lot of pre-release hype, but for me his most exciting work continues to be made under his A Made Up Sound guise.

Huismans has founded a new white label imprint to showcase AMUS productions, and ‘Rework’/’Closer’ is its first offering. ‘Rework’ seems to draw on the percussive, post-funky dubstep of Untold, all jabbing chords and broken but fiercely driving beats, counterpointing them with the kind of foggy, melancholic synths one associates with Detroit techno and deep house.

‘Closer’ is simply magnificent, an exercise in sheer suspense that takes UKF drums and makes them sound like something else entirely – something ineffably Dave Huismans. Long may the Hague-based producer continue to produce beats so singular and addictive; pity those not wise to ’em.

Ruth Wendell



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