Available on: Syncrophone 12″

I loved Trus’Me’s Working Nights, his name-making full-length homage to 70s soul, funk and boogie as heard through the prism of deep house. A lesser producer would’ve clung to that aesthetic, but Trus has continued to evolve, developing a tougher, more techno-influenced sound that aligns him more with the likes of Actress, whose tracks he re-licensed for his Prime Numbers label, and Anthony Shakir, who he remixes here.

Shake is a Detroit producer, but he doesn’t fit into that city’s musical continuum as easily as his peers. Certainly his sound has its roots in the itchily romantic machine-funk of Metroplex and Model 500, but there are also elements of dubstep, Warp-style 90s Brit-rave, and corrosive Drexciyan electro. ‘Arise’ was actually first released in 1998 as the lead track of the Waiting For Russell EP; it’s one of his more conventional tracks, a deep house throbber topped with fanning, none-more-euphoric piano chords; for all its simplicity, it has substance to spare.

Trus’me’s remix has more in common with contemporary Shake, a skittering, dubbed-out techno excursion at once restrained and fully equipped to smash up clubs. More than anything, it has soul – a rare quality indeed in contemporary dance music. As well as underlining the timeless artistry of Shake, this 12″ from Syncrophone Rexordings really whets the appetite for Trus’me’s next album, whatever and whenever it may be.

Kiran Sande



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