Earlier this year, London-based crate digger Paul White released his often-stunning debut album, The Strange Dreams of Paul White – a kaleidoscopic, unpredictable full-length that took in hip-hop, prog, psychedelia and library music and more, on One Handed Music.

Well we hope you’ve had time to digest it, because your boy’s got another album mini-album on the way. Titled Sounds from the Skylight, it also comes out on One Handed Music, and features 19 instrumental tracks, apparently "named by the cats that hang out on Paul White’s roof." We’re not sure if that’s cats in a hip-hop sense or actual cats, but either way we’re pretty excited about this one. It’s available for pre-order now, so we suspect it’ll be out this month.

For the cover art and tracklisting, head to page 2 of this article.

[Update: One Handed Boss Alex Chase emails in to shed some more light:Sounds from the Skylight is a ‘mini-album’ – albiet a nineteen trackone – and doesn’t represent a proper follow-up to The Strange Dreams ofPaul White. That comes out next year, and is titled Paul White and the Purple Brain. It will be preceded by a 12” and a digital giveaway via paulwhitemusic.co.uk next month.]


Sounds from the Skylight tracklisting:

1. Intro2. Trying To Tell You 3. Ultra Violet 4. An Illusion Interlude 5. Dream State (Dam Tales) 6. Highlife 7. Wait For Me 8. Whats Good For Me 9. Funk Positive 10. Alien Attack 11. Get em Up 12. Speed Dating 13. Swimming 14. A Quiet Place 15. Be Mine 16. You Sober? 17. Who Interlude 18. Who s Laughing? 19. Synthia Dreams



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