Rating: 7 / Format: CDEP / Label: Moshi Moshi

With the nostalgic cry of ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ jangling about my ears, I let The Drums’ Summertime EP drag me to a world of American adolescence that I had, up until this point, only experienced via a TV screen.

Skipping from a sort of synthy Ramones shuffle, to mournful ballads that owe as much to Robert Smith as they do The Beach Boys; Summertime EP captures your imagination with its hooks, and holds it with oddly subversive lyrics and musical intricacies. ‘Down By The Water’ is my pick of the seven tracks, with its gently swaying drums, draped in arpeggios and rich harmonies. Elsewhere, ‘Don’t Be A Jerk Johnny,’ with its Johnny vs. Jenny dialogue – “you used to be so pretty, but now you’re just tragic” etc. – and innocently melodic lead is sure to speak to anyone going down with a sinking childhood relationship.

I am conscious that none of this sounds like high praise, but there is something genuinely charming about the way in which The Drums capture a musical aesthetic and the accompanying non-musical one so comprehensively. Analysis aside, Summertime EP is a fantastic collection of beguilingly catchy pop songs that will have you feeling all silly and sentimental, if you’re that way inclined… oh and Boy George reckons they "look like four rent boys." Cheers George.

Richard Attley

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