OK, so maybe "house LP of the year" is an exaggeration, but Jason Fine‘s Future Thought is certainly up there.


Michigan-hailing Fine debuted in 2007 with the EP 01 release on Omar-S‘s FXHE label – a dazzling six-tracker that showcased the young producer’s penchant for warm, melodic basslines, raw synth sounds and intuitive, live-feel drum programming. Since then he’s been primarily associated with Swedish label Kontra-Musik, releasing the well-received Our Music Is A Secret Order album last year.

On November 11 comes the sophomore full-length from Mr Fine, Future Thought, due to be released digitally and on vinyl across two 12"s. Fine’s approach is defiantly old-school – fans of machine-dreamers Virgo and Juan Atkins, not mention latter-day Chi-town and Detroit disciples Hieroglyphic Being and Legowelt, will be all over these expansive, stirring tracks. From the high-speed, UR-style funk of ‘Amplitude Modulation’ to to the woozy electro of ‘Broken Home’, via skippy club banger ‘Nutella’ and sci-fi reverie ‘Process Three’, all Fine’s tracks are simple but substantial, and while they might be steeped in house history, they have their own identity – they’re not just exercises in retro.


1. Amplitude Modulation

2. Broken Home (feat. Lee Anderson)

3. Nutella

4. Butterscotch

5. Cream

6. Control Voltage

7. Process Thee (feat. Lee Anderson)

8. Many To Many



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