Calm yourself – it’s not the follow-up to Asa Breed or anything – but Matthew Dear does have a new record coming out on Ghostly International, under his Jabberjaw guise.

Jabberjaw is one of Dear’s less prolific projects, and is seemingly dedicated to a kind itchily funky minimal house; to date there’s only been one proper Jabberjaw release, the excellent 2003 ‘Girlfriend’ 12" for Perlon (sometime home to Villalobos, Shackleton et al); there’s also a Jabberjaw track called ‘Maybe This Ain’t Right’ on the German label’s 2003 comp Superlongevity 3.

He employs a similar sonic palette and strategy for the new Ghostly release, a 12" entitled The Garden of Eden and boasting possibly the best opening track title in the history of minimal, ‘A Goat On Fire In The Garden of Eden’. Over to Ghostly for a slightly more spirited description of the record than we can muster at 10am on a Wednesday:

"’A Goat on Fire in the Garden of Eden’ opens the EP on an absurdist note, as a gently scuffed kick drum gets company from a barnyard’s worth of odd, rhythmic sounds, from a slowed-down glass harmonica to a monster with the hiccups. It gets noisy in there, but Jabberjaw keeps things loose and funky underneath the polyrhythmic melee. ‘The Connie Shake’ is a shaggy-limbed take on soul, featuring a pared-down beat, some lite-jazz keys, and an eerie police siren. “Safety Flirt” is the Garden of Eden EP’s strangest and most compelling moment, dripping tiny squelches and snare hits into the spaces within a sly, slinky micro-beat. The song gains momentum as the off-beats accumulate, turning a simple minimal house beat into a hissing, burbling serpent of a track."

Like burbling serpents? Us too. Listen to clips and pre-order the release here.



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