Talking to renowned UK dance writer Martin Clark, Bristol dubstep producer Peverelist – boss of the city’s Rooted Records store as well as the Punch Drunk record label – has revealed some information on his forthcoming debut ‘album’.

Titled Jarvik Mindstate, it will be released on Punch Drunk, and represents “a snapshot in time of some of my work … I wanted to put out a body of work, something more substantial than a 12". The thread that joins the tracks together is that they were all made within that time frame, where I had certain ideas running ’round my head which should tie the tracks together. Many of the tracks are loosely inspired by ideas about the integration of technology and human life. The mechanical heart valve seemed a good manifestation of those ideas, Jarvik was the guy who invented it.”

Peverelist doesn’t intend for the collection of tracks to be taken as an album, claiming that “the idea of an album doesn’t sit well with dance music. I don’t think people listen to music in that way necessarily anyway.”

Also in the interview, he discusses the influence of house, techno, jungle and futurism on his music (“as far as being a direct influence on my productions, I prefer the [house and techno] format– longer, evolving, repetitive rhythms– but I get that from dub just as much as house and techno. I’m also into the futurism and otherworldliness, which were obviously influences on jungle and so by default, dubstep anyway”), and his love of “hypnotic rhythms, I like creating tension, unease and disorientation … Raw sounds and rough edges, all with a twist of psychedelia”

Clark also confirms that the album will feature ‘Bluez’, which has been a Peverelist radio/live favourite for a while. For the full interview, as well as a quite welcome dissection of grime MC-turned-pop star Chipmunk’s oversized ego, visit his latest column for Pitchfork.

Photography credit: Tulane Blyth via RA



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