Available on: Get Physical 12″

Take a step back for a moment, and think about this:

At some point this year, house producer Damian Lazarus sat in a Berlin café with the people behind Get Physical Music, and told them that he wanted to make a singer/songwriter album for the label, titled Smoke The Monster out and inspired by Nick Cave, Neil Diamond and Fagin from Oliver Twist. He would collaborate with a pair of vaguely androgynous Swedish twins, pose with an emu, and make sure the album featured plenty of “odd sounds and comedy moments”.

The album’s sleeve would be a menstruating panda in a porn schoolgirl’s dress, and it would be followed by a 12″ release of the ‘club’ edit of album track ‘Memory Box’, which features Lazarus putting on his very best introspective pickpocket voice and mourning his memory box. The cover for this would be a monkey in a shirt and shorts pissing blood, and there’d be a Sasha remix on the flip.

Then think about this: Get Physical said yes.

Stacey Morris



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