Available on: Unirhythm Green Series 12″

Pittman makes the ruffest, tuffest techno rhythms in Detroit (if you ask me).His best tracks are basically just tools – blunt, heavy and effective.This 12″ represents the launch of his new Unirhythm Green series, andit features two tunes that will tear up any self-respecting dancefloor.The A-side here is actually a remix, by T.O.M. [We presume? – Ed] – the powerhouse trio ofTheo Parrish, Omar-S and Pittman. You can feel the sheer talent andstudio know-how that’s gone into this minimal but robust track; it’sesentially just washed-out keys, hollowed-out synths over a rollingkick and razor sharp hi-hats. And it’s just amazing.

‘If The Earth Could Talk’, a Pittman solo produciton, is far moregenerous in terms of melody – it’s driven by a full-bodied, delicatelyphased synth pattern – but for me the result is a fairly unremarkable,if well-produced, slab of workaday deep house. If you buy this record,buy it for the A-side – a top-class advert for the base hypnotic power ofhouse.

Lewis Kendry



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