Deerhunter/Atlas Sound frontman Bradford Cox is, apparently, all about the bonus disc.

Not only did the very much acclaimed last Deerhunter album, Microcastle, come packaged with what effectively was a whole second album in bonus CD New Era Cont, but the latest album from his Atlas Sound project, Logos, will also come accompanied by one. So long as you order from Rough Trade.

We’d wager one of the reasons for this addition is the fact that an early version of Logos leaked last year, via an online chancer rummaging around in Cox’s mediafire folders. Speaking to FACT last year, Cox had this to say about it:

BC: "I don’t understand why everybody has such a hard time understanding my irritation and who my irritation was directed towards."

FACT: It’s a shame, because there are few artists that expose their audience to the same amount of free material as you do.

“I don’t ever get annoyed at people for downloading the music, I getannoyed at the people that leak the music. Somebody’s eventually gottaconfront those people. I guess I failed at confronting them and endedup making myself look like a jerk, but the fact is that those peopleare worthless. They suck at living, you know, they’re just losers. Theydon’t make anything themselves, they’re not productive, they just takeother people’s work. And they somehow associate themselves with my work– and I think that’s kind of fucking arrogant. Who do they think theyare exactly, to decide when my album is going to come out?”

Were you more concerned that it was there without your permission,or was it the fact that people wouldn’t hear it as you intended – likein demo form?

“Oh no, I think it was more that people would do it without mypermission. That’s the personal thing for me, it’s not about therecords themselves. Weird Era,the way that that leaked is pretty much the way that it’s going to beheard. There’s not gonna be a big change. People are always like “Ican’t wait to see what it sounds like mastered”, and I hate to dissuadepeople, but it’s not going to sound any different when it’s mastered.Because a good mastering person doesn’t affect the way the recordsounds.

"There’s not going to be a huge aesthetic difference between the finalrecord and what leaks, and all the excuses people come up with forputting somebody else’s record on the internet – like they’ll say “oh,it’s not the finished version, it’s not been mastered, it’s just forpreviewing”. I mean everybody knows that it’s bullshit. I don’t need totell them it’s bullshit; they already know.”

It’s not the first time Rough Trade have come up trumps with something like this this year; in January when Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion album was released, they had it packaged with an excellent mix CD from the Brooklyn band.

Logos is out next week via Kranky, and is really good, featuring contributions from members of Stereolab and Animal Collective (Noah ‘Panda Bear’ Lennox). The bonus CD’s tracklist can be found over the page.



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