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People have been talking about Floating Points pretty loudly all year, not least influential Radio 1 jazz-diddler Gilles Peterson, so it’s no surprise that’s he beginning to land himself some plum remix work. The talented young fellow – who also happens to be a brain surgeon or backstreet abortionist or something like that on the side – goes to (toy)town with Basement Jaxx’s lurid new single, ‘Feelings Gone’.

I’ll admit it: I’ve always had a soft spot for the ‘Jaxx – their early stuff rules, and to this day no one does berserkly happy, commercial dance music with such flair and conviction as they. Their irrepressible joie de vivre seems to have rubbed off on old Floating Points, who sounds like he was mainlining Red Bull and Haribo-flavoured MDMA when he produced this.

As with the impeccable ‘Vacuum Boogie’, ‘Points brings a bit of UKG-borrowed swing to a fairly classic deep house sound, but the tempo’s upped significantly, shuffling snares and clustering vibes guiding us through build after build after dancefloor-smashing build (the release doesn’t really come, but that’s to FP’s credit). Oh, and mercifully the vocals, by that horrible cunt Sam Sparro, are used sparingly; hell, I actually found myself singing along before I realised what was going on (anyone who’s accidentally got off with a tranny will know what I’m talking about).

In short: kind of amazing but listen to too much stuff like this and your teeth will fall out. If you’ve not yet got a copy of ‘Vacuum Boogie’ or ‘Love Me Like This’, they, and not this, are your priorities.

Ricky Rebotini



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