God knows what’s going on in Lil Wayne‘s head (or at least up his nose) right now: the former Hot Boys rapper has spent 2009 learning guitar, discussing a potential vocoder-only R’n’B album, announcing an official partnership with T-Pain titled T-Wayne, and collaborating with both Weezer and Madonna.

But either way, we’re apparently finally going to see the fruits of his labour this December. According to Cash Money CEO Birdman in a recent interview with MTV, Wayne will release both The Rebirth (his ‘rock album’) and Tha Carter IV on December 15, claiming that the label are "looking to take over the game completely, flood the market".

Oh, Wayne’s suggestion last week that The Rebirth would be a double-album apparently isn’t true either. Birdman states that "we won’t release The Rebirth as a double CD like people are saying." He also claimed that "Wayne is the best. He just the best, there’s nobody better, we make the most money and have the most hits."

He’s not necessarily wrong, but let’s see if Wayne’s stock’s so high after the rock record. Thanks to Exclaim for the tip; for a taste of what you might find on Rebirth, here’s recent single ‘Prom Queen’:




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