There’s been stirs about a live album from post-rock’s equivilant of the Village People (not in a bad way), Trans Am for a while now. Thrill Jockey today have released a full press release.

The album will be titled What Day Is It Tonight? and promises to chronicle the band’s tours and music from 1993 to 2008. It comes accompanied by a DVD which features a set’s worth of songs from different shows spliced together, with backstage footage and "memories long forgotten (and recently unearthed)".

It will also feature two entire live sets – one from an early Chapel Hill gig in ’93, and one from the band’s Liberation tour in ’04, in Heidelburg. The album will be available as a double LP/DVD package, limited to 1, 500 copies, from November 30.

Full tracklist can be found over the page.



What Day Is It Tonight? Tracklist

01 Conspiracy of the Gods02 Outmoder03 Futureworld04 Shrigley05 Firepoker06 Idea Machine07 Positive People08 First Words09 June10 Tesco v. Sainsbury\’s11 Television Eyes12 Slow Response13 Play in the Summer14 Köln15.Don’t Bundle Me16 Simulacrum17 City in Flames


What Day Is It Tonight? DVD Tracklist:

01 Extreme Measures02 I Want It All03 Stereo Situation04 Prowler05 Armed Response/Enforcer06 Futureworld07 Play in the Summer



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