Rating: 8 / Available on: Sunday Best 12"

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Unhinged collage-pop that sounds like some plaid-shirted hipster singing Larry Heard’s ‘The Sun Can’t Compare’ over chunky rave stabs and clownish 4/4 beats. Then the track pauses, a disconnected, android child announces the band’s name “LEM–ON–AADE” and the percussion reforms in the shape of an old school hardcore record with Animal Collective singing over the top.

Perhaps it’s the glorious way the multi-layered puzzle all fits together – those rave stabs the thematic glue that keeps it falling into chaos – or the jingle jangle of the Balearic piano at the end that reverberates internally long after the track has finished, but this is the next best thing to taking drugs and getting twisted on a beach somewhere hot. What am I saying? It’s tons better than that.

Louise Brailey

Lemonade myspace



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