Available on: DVA 12″

Scratcha DVA — the DJ behind Rinse FM’s Grimy Breakfast Show, and Roska’s studio compadre — serves up some marvelous musical mayhem to get our mouths watering. ‘Jelly Roll’ is UK funky by genre, and damn funky by nature, with a polyrhythmic bump ‘n’ flex that, while it clearly borrows from house music in its adoption of the 4/4 beat, is something more distinct from it than ever.

The syncopated, dipping groove, which kicks and hits in multiple directions like some kind of sonic House Of Flying Daggers, flings in jutting, lurching organ stabs, and a wubbing, dutty bassline, that proceeds to stomp all over the room like a malevolent android caterpillar, making all who witness it surrender to the power of the monster groove. This ‘Jelly Roll’ is smoking.

Ben Murphy



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