Available on: Downtown 12″

Italy’s Bloody Beetroots are a peculiar proposition. Loathed and put down over the interweb in the same breadth as Steve Aoki, they’re a pair of masked DJs whose records haven’t really stuck to the guts of the UK’s electronic scene – instead passing through like shouty neon pieces of wind and causing scenes in Australia and the US instead.

‘Awesome’ sees the pair collaborate with Chicago hip-hop munchkins The Cool Kids, and as is generally the case with the Beetroots’ whole Misfits shagging Daft Punk at a Black Flag gig schtick, sounds severely dated – but to be honest, the simple words “electro/hip-hop collaboration” make a little bit of sick come into my ears these days. Spank Rock did it with style, panache and a nice line in cheeks, tongues and humour. Unfortunately, the Beetroots don’t.

Jim Ottewill



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