Jamal Moss, the headstrong Chicagoan producer who records as Hieroglyphic Being and runs the excellent Mathematics label, has a new album – of sorts – out on November 2 [via RA].

It’s the second volume in his ongoing So Much Noise 2 Be Heard series, which takes in the raw, tape-saturated house and techno sound that he’s best known for but also veers off into other, less dance-oriented musical territories. The first volume, identically titled, was a double-disc affair released in December 2008.

Apparently culled from over 3,000 created by the madly prolific Moss at his Galaxy Studios over the years 1996-2009, the 13 previously unreleased tracks take in "an array of sounds and influences from Ankh, aboriginal noises, classic house, new, acid house, free jazz, sufi rhythms, deep soundscapes, ragtime electronics and rhythmic noise." That’s us told.

For the full tracklist, hit up page two.



01. So Much Noise 2 Be Heard02. Belief & Reality03. Gayemende04. Vibrations & Harmonies (Revisited)05. The Universe We Reside In06. The Visitation07. The Stairway 2 Heaven08. Ravished by the Truth09. 2 Bath in the Black Sun10. Manufactured Skin11. The Lost Realms12. Irreversible13. Thinking in Circles14. The Ritual of Transformation15. A Visitor from Someone Else’s Memories



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