Available on: Deep Medi 12″

Having frequently surfaced in mixes from all your dubstep favourites late last year, (Con)Quest’s ‘Last Days’/’The Unknown’ 12″ is finally out.

Released on Mala’s Deep Medi Musik imprint, ‘Last Days’ is an 8-minute long track with a particular level of depth and darkness in its production – the sort you’d associate with Kode 9, Mala, and when he wants to, Martyn. Taking you on a journey through the dusty after-hours of a nuclear explosion or extended sonic boom (or so I imagine in my head: blame the ‘world is under attack’ vocal sample for that), it’s fantastic with its long-winded snares, compressed drums and eerie sub bass.

On the B-side you’ll find ‘The Unknown’, designed to make your head knock. With a pounding bassline, electro-tinged break and hi-hats a plenty, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking you’ve heard this one before; it shares plenty of similarities with the work of Quest’s Deep Medi label-mate and sometime DJ partner Silkie. This is no bad thing – the pair have been making some of the best dubstep productions around this year, and the more we get to hear the better.

Zainab Jama



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