The cover for Rihanna’s new album, Rated R has been revealed.

The photograph was taken by Ellen von Unwerth in Berlin this month, after Rihanna’s visit to Paris Fashion Week. According to Von Unwerth, in an interview with Popeater, “Rihanna was looking to create something a bit new for the look of the album.

"She’s so beautiful, sweet and tough at the same time–and a pleasure to shoot. We had so much fun giving her a bit of edge–I loved taking her beauty and finding a new dramatic look. She’s fantastic to work with–very giving, very creative, very involved in every aspect of the shoot, and ready to push the boundaries.” [via Just Jared]

God, they’re really pushing that Mortal Kombat style R, huh? For more details on Rated R, read FACT’s full news story. Then read our review of the new single.



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