Available on: Car Park 7″

Exciting times ahead with this new wave of blissed out, post-Animal ‘n’ Aerial songsmiths (Washed Out, Neon Indian, Toro y Moi) making such beautifully sunny future music – you know the deal: lavish soundscapes, warm reverbs, celebratory moments – mostly because it’s so refreshing to hear some leftfield music this removed from the dull retro vibes dripping from many of the major US blogs.

Most of the Toro tracks are pretty strong (‘Cold Sheets’ is particularly killer) but ‘Blessa’ is his finest moment to date – all warping filters and anvil-dropping compression swirling in the ether against beautiful slide guitars and joyous dreamy melodies. It’s amazing how production can be a 12th man when it’s used in the right hands – ‘Blessa’ is a good song, but the deft knob twiddling on show allows it to punch way above its weight.

B-side ‘109’ is its brother from a different mother. There are shared connections in the surf pop melodies but this is more straight-up American twee, albeit a pretty good example of it. The slightly distorted recording sheen used here might be beginning to lose its charm, but TyM is still shaping up to be one of 2010’s most interesting new producers – you probably already knew that.

Simon Singleton



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