Flemming Dalum isn’t exactly a household name, granted. But among italo disco aficianados, he’s a veritable legend. Reputedly in possession of the most "complete" italo collection in the world – over 25,000 records – Dalum has earned his cult reputation largely on the back of his elaborately edited and augmented mixtapes.

Dalum isn’t some second generation johnny-come-lately; he’s been following the music since its origins in the early 80s. He got hold of his first synth, the Korg Polysics, in 1982, and as well as playing in bands he’d embellish existing records with his own synth parts and tape the results. The cassette recorder soon became the Dane’s most important "instrument": using it in tandem with a sampler, echo machine, turntables and synths, he began to create his legendary mixes – mixes so detailed that they earned him the name "King of The Cut", and at their best they make Greg Wilson look like a teenager playing with Ableton presets (OK, that’s an exaggeration, but…).

He continued to dig deep in synthesized disco music, and it was his discovery in 1983 of Koto’s ‘Chinese Revenge’ that prompted him to visit Milan, the home of the music he was so besotted with. He pretty much cleaned out record stores like Il Discotto, Discomagic, Non-Stop and Merak on his first visit to the Italian city, and made a further eleven trips soon after, meeting with distributors and building up the backbone of that unbelievable collection.

As a DJ Dalum has continued to evolve, making use of computers and other digital equipment to put us as much into the mixes as he can. He’s rightly revered by a modern-day italo revivalists like Heartbreak, I-f, Morgan Geist and the Clone Records lot, and is a fixture on I-f’s Hague-based web radio station Intergalactic FM.

Now Magic Waves, the italo DJ/radio/fan collective co-founded by Heartbreak‘s Ali Renault, are releasing a 3xCD box set of Dalum’s Boogie Down mix CDs, entitled, yup, Boogie Down Box-Set. In the past Dalum’s limited edition mix CDs – including recent offerings Lost Within The Fog And Strobe, Flowing Through My Veins of Steel and Dance Of The Obscure Robots – have sold like the proverbial hotcakes, so if you like the sound of Boogie Down, don’t sleep.

It’s comprised of three discs, Boogie Down Rimini, Boogie Down Milano and Boogie Down Firenze, with the audio in high-res WAV form and an accompanying 4-page full-colour booklet with text and photos (around ’85, Dalum was a dead-ringer for Zack Morris, don’t you think?. Copies have been available for some months directly from Magic Waves – £20 plus postage – and this month they’ll show up in disco and electro-oriented stores like Clone and Flexx.

You can listen to the Boogie Down Rimini mix in its entirety via Heads Down and read a fascinating and in-depth interview with Dalum over at Magic Waves now.



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