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This Monday’s exclusive mix comes courtesy of Wesley Eisold, the lead man in darkwave heroes Cold Cave.

Featuring Teenage Filmstars, Alex Chilton, Rephlex veteran Bochum Welt and more, it’s a brilliant mixtape of weird synth experiments, twee-ed out indie, post-punk and more – featuring a bunch of stuff we’ve never heard of, but we’re now obsessed with. You can’t really ask more than that from this sort of thing.

For those unfamiliar with Cold Cave, they’ve just signed to Matador and will be re-releasing their debut album, Love Comes Close this month. Originally released on Eisold’s own Heartworm label (it’s also a publishing imprint where Eisold releases his own literature, and soon will be putting out work by Throbbing Gristle’s Genesis P. Orridge), it’s one of the albums of the year so far; you can read FACT’s full review here. We’d also recommend you check out Cremations, a Heartworm-released collection of early Cold Cave material that’s harsher, but no less compelling than the album.

For the full tracklist, hit up page two.

(Available for three weeks)


My Dad is Dead – The Quiet Man
Tronics – There Talking About Us
Bochum Welt – Fortune Green
Would Bes – I’m Hardly Ever Wrong
Trisomie 21 – Is Anybody Home? (Part 1)
Teenage Filmstars – Kaleidoscope
Alex Chilton – Like Flies on Schubert
Brett Smiley – VaVaVa Voom
AA – Suicide Fever
Minimal Man – She was a Visitor

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