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The 98th FACT mix comes from Warp’s electronic stalwart Jimmy Edgar, and is presented in conjunction with two of our favourite labels: LuckyMe and Citinite.

A keen musician since he was a Detroit youth, inspired by jazz, funk, r&b and more, Edgar climbed to the forefront of this decade’s electronic music spectrum with experimental releases on Warp, Steve Bug’s Poker Flat, Citinite, Isophlux and more. His Warp releases in particular are massive inspirations on the glitchier side of modern electronic music, from Super_Collider to the Black Affair, whose Pleasure Pressure Point album was co-produced by Edgar. He’s also a member of the superb Plus Device.

His FACT mix features Ed DMX (Krew), Aaliyah, Richie Hawtin, Dopplereffekt, Squarepusher and more, as well as unreleased Edgar solo material and a collaboration between Edgar and the much hyped Machinedrum. Full tracklist can be found over the page.

And what are you gonna do when you’ve finished downloading Edgar’s FACT mix? Well if you know what’s good for you, you’ll get tickets to LuckyMe and Citinite’s joint party at Vauxhall’s Lightbox club, an amazing LED-drenched new London venue. Rustie, Dam-Funk, Jimmy Edgar and Gosup helm the main room in what will be London clubbers’ first chance to see Rustie’s new live set (all four performers will be playing live). As for the second room, well, we can’t say who the three special guests will be – but let’s just say that fans of Kode 9 and his Hyperdub label really, really won’t be disappointed. Facebook event page here.

(Available for three weeks)

For the full tracklist, hit up page two.


Jimmy Edgar – Funktion of Your Love (vocal mix-unreleased)

Plastikman – Kriket

Captain Rapp – Bad Times

Andre Crom – Morphin

Jimmy Edgar & Machinedrum – Sin Love With You

Aaliyah – One In A Million

Dopplereffekt – Speaknspell

Posatronix – Shake It

Aaron Carl – Down (original mix)

Frankie Knuckles and Jamie Principle – Baby Wants To Ride (unreleased ron hardy mix)

lee jones – the ice train cometh

jJimmy Edgar – Be There (out soon on HYPERCOLOUR)

4th Measure Men – 4 You

Ralph Falcon – I Need Someone (stoned someone mix)

Squarepusher – Kill Robok

Laid Back – White Horse

Ed DMX – Mks Demo (unreleased)

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