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We’ve long been fans of lo-fi sorts Blank Dogs [above] and Dum Dum Girls at FACT, so we were naturally excited when it emerged that the two had teamed up as The Mayfair Set.

Well now there’s a Mayfair Set album. Er, sort of. There’s no new material on Young One, which was released as a CD on Blank Dogs’ own Captured Tracks label – rather, it compiles the pair’s two releases so far, the Young One 12” EP and a self-titled 7” single.

Still, old material or not, for fans of fuzz-soaked pop with great hooks and melodies (and really, who isn’t a fan of that?), this is pretty much essential, and makes for a nice accompaniment to Blank Dogs’ superb solo album from earlier this year, Under and Under.

Also recently released on Captured Tracks is As Above So Below, a six-track EP by Silk Flowers, the New York three-piece that FACT found itself raving about quite a lot in early ’09, mostly on the strength of their self-titled debut album. Released on No Age man Dean Spunt’s label, it was described by Spunt as a “fucking four-track masterpiece”, and who are we to disagree?

Tracklist and artwork for Young One over the page.


01 Already Warm

02 Desert Fun

03 Junked!

04 Let It Melt

05 Dark House

06 Three For Me

07 I’ve Been Watching You

08 Cease To Be

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