Available on: Domino 12″

Joy Orbison opened his recorded career with a track he may never top: the celestial, euphoric ‘Hyph Mngo’; an anthem in both London and Ibiza, loved by Kode 9 and Sasha alike – not to mention Zane Lowe. But with the release of this remix of Four Tet and ‘Brkln Cllng’ on his own Dldrms label, he’s certainly proved he can cope in the face of all the hype.

The original ‘Love Cry’ was a good track, but carried the undeniable feel of a song that more could be made of, whether by upping the percussion and bringing those funky house undertones to the surface, as Roska does on the other side of this single, or by focusing on the drive: whereas Roska’s remix bobs and bounces from side to side, Orbison’s is constantly looking ahead with that unrelenting tunnel vision that’s bound all his singles to date.

That’s perhaps been the key to Joy’s output to date: that combination of otherworldly, almost Biblical vocal samples and highs, and the driving force that propels them, like a golden chariot powered by rockets. A unique sound that’s moving, powerful and already proving influential.

Tom Lea



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