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Everyone likes Jammer, right? One of grime’s best producers and most charismatic characters finally got a label deal this year – a three album deal at that, with Big Dada – and ‘Party Animal’ is his first single for the label.

Jammer’s verses are fine – not many people could come out with “I’m on the dancefloor like a monkey / bashment, grime, funky / Jumanji” and get away with it – and Toddla T’s production is suitably cheesy with 90s house stabs and tropical percussion, but what’s going on with the “I’m a party animal” chant? The world doesn’t need another ‘Vindaloo’. The chorus – which is repeated about a dozen times – is Now That’s What I Call Music gruel, and not even a tenth of the ‘Wearing my Rolex’ successor it fancies itself as.

If it gets Jammer some cash and a few more shags a month then fine, but if ‘Party Animal’ is any indicator of how the Big Dada stage of his career is going to sound then don’t expect people to care two albums down the line, let alone three. Not enough crossover potential to succeed, but just enough to alienate.

Chris Campbell



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