Available on: Keysound 12”

Like respective UK garage and dub-techno pioneers El-B and Maurizio sucked into a black hole, with only a ghostly impression of this strange meeting impressed on the event horizon of our vision, ‘Stasis (G Mix)’ is yet another thrilling emission from the increasingly fecund interface between techno and garage.

Kowton, a.k.a. Narcossist’s cuts don’t do a lot; they don’t have to. ‘Stasis (G Mix)’ is just an irresistible, shuffle funk beat, paired with space echo dub-tech clangs and the occasional smear of discombobulated diva voices. These simple constituents offer more subtle thrills and danceability than seems possible.

‘Countryman’, on the other hand, is an even more galactic affair; a slow-paced floating chunk of space debris dub that drifts endlessly in an airless vacuum, until it’s suddenly jolted into a techno-propelled life of its own. Weird and wonderful.

Ben Murphy



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