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‘Quicksand’ was the original single released on Kitsune that heralded the arrival of Ellie Jackson and Ben Langmaid last year, and something of a year zero for researchers on the One Show looking to soundtrack segments on, I dunno, fun stuff.

In a show of festive giving, it’s getting a re-release that is not in any way related to renewing interest in La Roux in the festive build up now that all the other obvious singles have been used up. This means anyone who missed out on the tin pot Juno re-working of ‘When Doves Cry’ can relive the sense that something great waiting to happen that many of us felt. Ultimately though, this was the best cut from the album, Ellie’s fragile lovelorn coos, the plastic-y Yazoo synth parps and laughably thin-sounding percussion. All the things that should sound awful gelled to make something really special, much, much more than the sum of their parts.

Louise Brailey



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