Available on: Columbia single

The insinuating, sub-MGMT synths that kick off ‘Little Secrets’ are predisposed to piss off 99.5 percent of the population. The other 0.5 percent don’t technically count because to like this wilfully naff slice of medicated pop disqualifies you from every having a valid opinion ever.

Chief irritant is Michael Angelakos grisly falsetto, a noise so offensively ecstatic that when he sings “could his could be our little secret, no one needs to know what we’re feeling” the line actually sounds slightly sinister. The song finds some redemption in the funky digital squiggles and the fat low end pulses that, a third of the way through, are filtered to brilliant effect just as the cluttered production falls away. Hell, the song is so bloody catchy I can even forgive the superfluous cowbell, but a children’s choir?  Really? That’s going too far.

Louise Brailey



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