Rating: 8 / Available on: Planet Mu 12″

Someone’s slipped something freaky into Ikonika’s crunk juice. Or at least that’s how it seems on new cut ‘Smuck’, which sees the Hyperdub regular releasing on Planet Mu for the first time. Taking a leaf out of Joker’s purple G-funk book, then scribbling mad psychedelic synth doodles all over it, this is dubstep viewed through a Dirty South, Herbie Hancock-on-blotters fisheye lens. Insane and impossible to categorise, then.

The flipside sees her remixing Finnish Skweee sensation Eero Johannes to within an inch of his life; like an ultra-vivid, neon-bright garage shuffle in pixelated form, ’We Could Be Ikons’ has Ikonika ditching the slower pace of her steppers material, and going for the jugular with bleeps, squeaks and naïve melodies redolent of Super Mario and Yoshi sipping Cristal down Twice As Nice.

A pair of wildly inventive cuts that show another side of Ikonika, ‘Smuck’ and ‘We Could Be Ikons’ are a perfectly-formed double header.

Ben Murphy



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