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With this latest release, Lindstrøm’s focus shifts from Lake Garda 1980 to Miami 1984. Joined by vocalist Christabelle (aka Solale from Where You Go I Go Too), the Norwegian super producer pushes the party time slider up to 11. Brass shimmies, bass shake-shake-shakes and woodblocks rock as Christabelle delivers a snappy pop ditty that could sit happily alongside Debarge and Gloria Estefan on a Now That’s What I Call Music compilation. And therein lies the rub: for all the excellence of its execution,’Baby Can’t Stop’ is essentially no more than a pastiche of better Latin-flavoured disco tracks of yore. Less ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin”; more a wannabe startin’ nothin’. Disappointing.

Leave Lindstrøm’s original to the cocktail bar DJs looking to get from ‘Dr. Beat’ to Pitbull and head straight for the Aeroplane vocal remix. The Ghent-based Italians wisely drop the brass and other Latin flourishes and layer Christabelle’s vocals over scuzzy Fela-esque synths, treated electric guitar and an acoustic riff that echoes the dirty, driving bassline. The ending is about as cosmic as Cosmic Disco gets: like the arms of Orion stretching to greet you while all that Earthly low end recedes into the distance. 6/10 for the original, 8/10 for the remix.

Justin Toland



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