Available on: Dldrms 12″

As owner of one of music’s weaker names [poppycock – Ed], Joy Orbison has transcended his ridiculous moniker and created for many what is the dance 12” of the year in the form of ‘Hyph Mngo’. His first release, it saw the internet’s musical corners mould into one huge organ, pulsating only for our Joy.

Follow-up ‘BRKLN CLLN’ on Orbison’s own Dldrums label is a similar piece of future funk, and thankfully doesn’t let the bubble of hyperbole burst. Loosely hung ‘round the skittering skeleton of a dubstep beat, it nabs elements of Blue Lines era-Massive Attack, funky Warp-esque bleep and clipped ‘90s rave to monolithic effect.

It’s full of space, restraint and vocal snatches: simple ingredients boiled up into a nagging whole that transmits like some alien pirate radio signal sending out a rallying call for these dark pop times when Cowell et al are breaking music into little pieces of shit. Flipside ‘J Doe’ is breezier, but even more insistent and tribal: Orbison is churning out raw, emotive dance music which tugs at your head, heart and feet.

Jim Ottewill



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