Claremont 56 are to release a highly limited vinyl edition of Holger Czukay‘s playful, much-loved 1999 album Good Morning Story, adding three previously unheard tracks.

C56 is the label operated by nu-disco/Balearic DJ/producer Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy. Last year they put out the previously unheard self-titled EP by Fist of Facts, an obscure side-project of Liquid Liquid’s Sal Principato, and soon after came ‘Ode To Perfume’/’Fragrance’, a similarly limited edition 10″ by Can co-founder Czukay. The A-side was a live recording from London 2009, and the B-side a remixed and remastered version of a 1981 cut.

Now comes the 10th anniversary edition of Good Morning Story: a hand-numbered, gatefold, double-LP that will be available later this month. Czukay explains the genesis and significance of the record in a note on the label’s website:

“The first piece of electronic music I ever heard was in a conservatory in the middle of the fifties. The audience was laughing during the presentation including myself. Associations came up like toilet flushing in outer space. This was the motivation for me to study under groundbreaking composer Karlheinz Stockhausen who composed the first electronic music in history. Stockhausen also saw that my destiny wouldn’t be to be a typical score writer’ so I left him after 3 years and he finally said to me: “when the bird is able to fly he is leaving its nest”. I understood and founded the group CAN together with guitarist Michael Karoli’ Jaki Liebezeit who also appear on this album.

“The first track of this album starts with ‘Maidendeath’ which I performed for the first time in the Roundhouse London 2009. The original music piece was composed by composer Franz Schubert. I joined him as a virtual fifth musician with my small electronic equipment without destroying the original character of this piece of music. Well’ I dared to rename it ‘Maidendeath 1 and 2’ and I hope it doesn’t become a case for Scotland Yard as I confess being the murderer.

“The third new piece is ‘Keepsake’ and it reflects the atmosphere in my studio when Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit and guitarist Michael Karoli were playing there together. Their thoughts were always like an open book for me which I only had to read.
 When I am making music on my own in the studio a similar situation can appear for example when I am working with a new sampler. This can be definitely surprising. I am talking about ‘Mirage’ where I recorded my first attempts. Last not least on ‘A Good Morning Story’ you can hear U-She for the first time who later appeared on further projects.
“This album also marks my entrance into the world of digital production working with a magneto optical disc recorder. Creating the music over the period of 10 years was also a time of joy and adventure.”



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