Mysterious Swedish pair jj, who released an excellent album and several singles last year on hometown label Sincerely Yours (also home of Air France and the Tough Alliance) have signed to Secretly Canadian for another album, titled jj no 3.

Secretly Canadian will release the album on March 9 in the US. European distribution will still presumably be handled by Sincerely Yours. jj will also be touring the US with the xx that month. You can now download last year’s single ‘Ecstasy’ from the label’s site:

Download: jj – Ecstasy

In more jj news, you can now get jj no 2 (last year’s album) on white vinyl, complete with new bonus track ‘Pure Shores’, which given the band’s love of cover versions, could well be a version of All Saints.

Japanese label Every Conversation meanwhile, is selling a limited 12″ version of ‘From Africa to Malaga’, which features the band’s cover of ‘Baby’ and a new song called ‘The Truth’. It was available on Sincerely Yours, but is now sold out. You can still download the mp3 below though:

Download: jj – From Africa to Malaga

Credit to Gorilla vs Bear for the tip on this.



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