Available on: Blunted Robots 12″

If it weren’t for the bass-weight, these tracks could pretty much pass as West London broken beat from any time in the last twelve or so years. Everything’s present and correct: lush Detroit pads and swooping leads; Latin-style percussion; beats so off-beam they come within a whisker of losing sight of the One on occasion; and in B-side ‘Aztec’ even what sounds like jazz double bass playing call and response with the hollow garage subs.

But that sub-bass is there and it roots it completely, holds it down for the dancefloor and gives it some proper OOMPH so there’s nothing finnicky or tricksy about the way the tracks sound overall. Like so much in the current post-dubstep, post-funky mutant funk wot-u-call-it club music ecosystem, this revels in its freedom from the tyranny of four-to-the-floor and breakbeats and we should revel and caper along with it.

Joe Muggs



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