New Young Pony Club have revealed more details of their imminent sophomore album, The Optimist.

Despite its sunny title, the record finds the band’s creative core of Ty Bulmer and Andy Spence exploring darker and more emotive territory than before.

“The last album was about a particular persona,” says Ty. “And it was my sexy, party animal, idealised self. Sometimes I am that person, but in the wake of a 10-year relationship ending I felt it was important to be a bit more honest.”

They’ve also sought to distance themselves from the fluoro-splashed disco-punk sound with which they made their name.

“I do remember making certain guidelines for the album,” Andy says, “Like no four on the floor, no cowbell and vocally no ‘sexy talk’ or monotone vocal…”

“The last album had an intellectual depth but not an emotional one,” adds Ty. “I played [The Optimist] to my friend and he said ‘it makes the first sound like a bunch of nursery rhymes’!”

The album is self-funded and will be self-released on the band’s own The Numbers imprint on March 1. You can download lead single ‘Lost A Girl’ free from the band’s homepage upon signing up to their mailing list. NYPC tour the UK in March; check the full list of dates here.



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