Rating: 6.5 / Available on: Mute free download or paid-for package / 12” inc remixes

Man, these massive 80s snaredrums are hard to take. They’ve all but ruined recent Animal Collective; but then again, Animal Collective haven’t really got the songs to justify the vainglorious production.

Yeasayer, however, have got the songs and then some, and this is their catchiest, poppiest yet – pepped up by some glorious gurgling psychedelia in the background to boot. OK so it sounds like Tears For Fears meets Kajagoogoo on an ayahuasca mission down the Amazon, but is that such a bad thing? Even those snares sound ok by halfway through once the song has pounded you into submission and the trippy bits got under your skin. DJ/rupture’s dubby remix sounds like something from a traveller site in the 90s (in a good way), while Memory Tapes’s sounds like someone too clever for their own good trying to break out of a self-built prison of twee electropop (in not such a good way). If all that wasn’t enough to reduce your brain to mulch, watch the interactive video at

Joe Muggs



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