The sporadically brilliant Excepter will release their eighth album in as many years on February 15. It’s called Presidence and will be available via Animal Collective’s Paw Tracks label.

Never ones to suppress their own ambition, the Brooklyn-orbiting outfit – whose post-industrial jam-band confections is comparable to those of Gang Gang Dance and Black Dice – have elected to make Presidence a double-CD affair, “focussing on continuous live performances and extended compositions” (according to a press release). That means over two hours of music,  spanning “the full spectrum of the Excepter sound, from street-level electro to cosmic synth infinity and beyond” – which is a heavenly thought for hardened Excepter fans but possibly a little daunting for newcomers.

The band – whose ‘Castle Morro’ was one of FACT’s top tracks of 2009 – was founded in 2002 “with the stated intent to use the tools of dance music towards esoteric ends”. Current membership numbers John Fell Ryan, Jon Nicholson, Lala Harrison Ryan, Dan Hougland, Nathan Corbin and Clare Amory.

The press release advises that “Presidence is not designed for playback on laptop speakers. Listeners should plug into a stereo.” It’s the band’s first long-form offering since last year’s Black Beach CD/DVD.


Disc 1 – Teleportation
1. BRE
2. KAL
3. LIL
4. GOL
5. KOP
6. ASK
7. Leng
8. OG

Disc II
1. Presidence
2. The Anti-Noah
3. The Open Well
4. When You Call



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