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It was recently brought to FACT’s attention that a number of previously unreleased AFX tracks are currently available to buy digitally from the Rephlex Records site.

Hardened Richard D. James fans will doubtless already be aware of this – the tracks have been available since Christmas – but it was news to us, and we wanted to flag their existence up for anyone else who might have missed them. The tracks are bonus additions to the 11 Analord single releases that Rephlex released in 2005, and by our count there are no less than 20 of them. Unfortunately, they can only be purchased as part of the EP bundles, and at present can’t be downloaded individually.

James is expected to deliver a new Aphex Twin album for Warp Records later this year.

As well as the AFX tracks, Rephlex’s digital store is currently selling brand new releases from Jodey Kendrick, DMX Krew, Aleksi Perälä, Macc and dgoHn, Monolith, D’Arcangelo and Wisp. Visit the store here.

The full list of newly available AFX tracks can be found over the page.

from Analord 01: Canticle Drawl (Alt. Version)     0:36
Where’s Your Girlfriend (Another Version)

Analord 02: Carnival Acid

Analord 03: Stabbij

Analord 04: Flutter Nozzle
In The Maze Park
Halibut Acid (Orig. Mix)

Analord 05: Gong Acid
Reunion 2 (Alt. Version)

Analord 06: Bodmin 1
Bodmin 2
Bodmin 3

Analord 07: Wabby Acid

Analord 08: Backdoor.Berbew.Q [Tollwedgechord Mix]

Analord 09: Liptons B Acid

Analord 11: Not Disturbing Mammoth 1
Not Disturbing Mammoth 2
Love 7
3 Notes Con
VBS.Redlof.B (Bass Version)

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