Available on: Greco-Roman 5xCD box set

It’s not just any old collective of rag tag boom boom men who can host parties on a Berlin boat, at a swimming pool in Texas and in a weapons factory in Moscow. Taking their inspiration from a love of batty bass and Olympic wrestling, the Greco-Roman collective’s attitude appears to be if you don’t go hard – and have a lot of fun in the process – then you may as well go home.

Featuring the likes of Alex “Full Nelson” Waldron, Joe Hot Chip and Ross Allen amongst their brethren, these notorious party starters have been laying down the law and giving soundsystems the musical equivalent of a clothes line throughout the last three years.

From the Seat of Mount Olympus is a beautifully boxed collection of the first five singles released on the Greco-Roman label. The clarion call of David E Sugar’s ‘Oi New York, This is London’ is as ballsy a slap down as any fledgling label’s first release can be – especially when the track’s remix commissions feature the Ragga Twins, Skream and Jesse Rose having a fumble in Sugar’s wardrobe, tarting him up with garms sewn from 2step, bassline and more.

Elsewhere the creamy geography teacher soul of ex-Hot Chip man Grovesnor gets its backbone elasticated by Made to Play’s Oliver $, and Buraka Som Sistema’s ‘Kalemba’ reps the more ghetto end of Greco-Roman’s palette. Drums of Death gets it right in the bottom end on a killer remix of ‘Got Yr Thing’ by Trouble & Bass head Drop the Lime, plus the package comes lovingly adorned in Lorenzo Fruzza’s artwork (which has bound all the Greco-Roman singles to date). The sort of money-losing scheme that all labels should immerse themselves in.

Jim Ottewill



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