Hamburg’s Dial Records have new compilation, 2010, coming your way.

It features tracks from all the key players in the Dial stable, including label bosses Lawrence (pictured) and Carsten Jost, and golden boy Pantha Du Prince – who has signed with Rough Trade for the release of his new album, Black Noise.

As far as we can tell, most of the tracks are previously unreleased, including Pantha’s ‘Fountain Drive’, Efdemin’s ‘Time’, Lawrence’s ‘Treacle Mine’ and John Roberts’ ‘Lines’. There are also tracks from relative newcomer Kassian Troyer, and ‘Black Lodge’, a fresh production from the one and only Isolée, his first outing on Dial to date.

The compilation represents the full breadth of the Dial sound; the backbone is deep, melodic techno and house, but there are also more experimental and avant-pop-style offerings from the likes of Christian Naujoks, Phantom Ghost and Dominique.

We received the CD in the post today with no accompanying information; there’s a chance it may just be a promotional item advertising single releases to come, but we think it’s safe to assume that the disc will be released to the public some time next month. Fingers crossed, anyway.

1. Phantom Ghost
2. John Roberts – Lines
3. Efdemin – Time
4. Lawrence – Treacle Mine
5. Kassian Troyer – Tourist
6. Isolee – Black Lodge
7. Rndm – No Beginning
8. Christian Naujoks – New Heaven & Earth
9. Pigon – Koto
10. Pantha Du Prince – Fountain Drive
11. Carsten Jost – Days Gone By
12. Dominique – He Said



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