Everyone’s favourite spaniel-haired boogie ambassador Dâm-Funk is working on a new album with Steve Arrington.

Arrington is the former singer of Ohio funk band Slave, who were active in the years 1977-87. According to Stones Throw boss Chris ‘Peanut Butter Wolf’ Manak, speaking to LA Weekly, Dâm (real name Damon Riddick) and Arrington have five or six songs down, with “all of the instrumentals coming from Damon, and Steve writing his own vocal melodies and lyrics. It’s fifty-fifty.”

It also transpires that it was actually a shared love of Slave that first brought Riddick into the Stones Throw fold.

“When I first talked to Damon, we bonded over an appreciation for Slave,” said Manak. “He told me that he had video of Steve Arrington performing in the early ’80s, and I’d never seen live footage, so I was excited to check it out. When Dâm and I met [in person], he gave me a copy of the DVD, and I thought, ‘I’ve gotta stay in contact with this guy.'”

Following an exchange of e-mails, Arrington – who became a minister in 1990 following a religious conversion – agreed to participate in the project. Its release date has yet to be confirmed. The same goes for the album from Nite Funk, Riddick’s collaboration with Nite Jewel. Recording hasn’t taken place yet, but according to Manak they recently all “sat down for dinner” to come up with a schedule. More news when we have it.



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