Good news for a rainy February afternoon: Wolfgang Voigt is resurrecting his legendary Profan imprint.

Voigt founded Profan in 1993, with a mind to exploring “the meandering side-paths of techno.” Like the Kompakt label that would later grow out of it, Profan was much an aesthetic project as a musical one, consciously promoting techno as a new and vivid strain of pop (“Bee Gees, not Dokumenta”), but with a high-art curatorial sensibility. It provided a platform for productions by Voigt – under such aliases as Mike Ink, Grungerman, M:I:5 and GAS – as well as the likes of Jurgen Paape and Thomas Brinkmann.

Profan32, the first release on the newly reactivated Profan, is a new Voigt production, entitled ‘Abweichung’ (English translation: ‘deviance’) and credited to SOG. Described in a press release as “minimal art techno that asks questions”, the record features a cover painting by Voigt himself.

This release is due on February 22, actually prior to the release of Profan31. These two new limited edition 12″ and digital singles herald the release of an art book / double-CD collection entitled Wolfgang Voigt – Werkschau, due in Spring 2010. It’s the fourth Voigt retrospective of recent years, following the GAS Nah Und Fern compilation (Kompakt, 2008), the Wolfgang Voigt – GAS book+CD (Raster-Noton, 2008) and the CD reissue of Studio 1’s Studio Eins collection (Kompakt, 2009). Consider us very, very excited.



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