Prins Thomas will release his debut solo album on March 29.

Having released two collaborative full-lengths with his friend and countryman Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, Thomas goes it alone for this new, self-titled collection, due to be released via his own Full Pupp label.

“I haven’t really thought about doing a proper solo album before,” says the Norwegian DJ, producer and ultra-prolific remixer, “As just finding the time for my solo 12”s in-between [remixes] has been hard enough.

”The album came together quite quickly. The week after HP and I finished mixing down II, I had a couple of ideas floating around and – having just had a good run in the studio – I was feeling really inspired.”

Prins Thomas was recorded in its maker’s Oslo studio, “with HP next door and [Todd] Terje across the hall.” Lindstrøm plays keyboards on ‘Wendy Not Walter’ and clavinet on ‘Sauerkraut’, with Terje adding trumpet to the latter.

Fans of Thomas’s tripped-out sound will know what to expect – a collision of disco, kosmische, krautrock, house and faintly Balearic pop, always with a firm emphasis on groove.

“I had a brief nerve-wrecking moment as I did the final mix,” he confesses. “But I’ve always ended up going with my gut feeling. The scary thing now is how inspiring it is to finally put out a bunch of my own stuff. Now I’ve got tons of new stuff in the pipeline plus a couple of more dance singles lined up, too!”

There will be a launch party for the album at London’s Corsica Studios on March 12. More details coming soon.

1. “Ørkenvandring”
2. “Uggebugg”
3. “Slangemusikk”
4. “Sauerkraut”
5. “Wendy Not Walter”
6. “Nattønsket”
7. “Attiatte”



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